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Application for membership:
Every applicant for membership shall complete an
‘Application for Membership’ form.
Attach a copy of the Identity card, pin certificate, and 2 passport size photograph

Admission into membership:
Before membership rights may be exercised, a member must:

  • Pay the entrance fee of KShs. 1,450/=
  • Sign either the members’ register or membership form either of which shall be deemed to bind the members to accept the rights and duties of membership as set forth in the Act, Rules and these By-laws.

The KIE LTD employees in the society shall use the “check-off system” for payment on members’ shares and deposits, and the Board of Management may direct that a quarterly statement of account” containing a record of the members’ transactions with the society be produced.
A number shall be assigned to each member as a means of identifying their account with the society.

We have two modes of payment namely:-

1. M-PESA PayBill Number: 4020041

  • Go to M-PESA on your phone
  • Select Pay Bill option
  • Enter Business no : 4020041
  • Enter Account No : FULL NAMES
  • Enter the Amount KES
  • Enter your M-PESA PIN and Send
  • You will receive a confirmation SMS from M-PESA with a Confirmation Code

2. Co-operative Bank  of Kenya

  • Co-operative Bank  of Kenya
  • Branch                     : INDUSTRIAL AREA   
  • Account Number    : 01120496450200

Refusal of admission:
The management Committee may refuse admission to a person after assigning reasons for their decision. Such a person shall have the right to appeal to the Annual General
Meeting and further as provided in the Co-operative Society Act.

Every member shall nominate in writing at least one person to whom upon his/her death his/her shares, money, deposits or any interest and dividend shall be transferred or paid. The nomination shall be assigned by a member in the presence of one attesting witness
On the death of a member or if he is certified to be of an unsound mind, his/her nominee, if eligible for membership under these by-laws, may apply and be admitted as a full member and shall acquire all assets and rights and assume all debts and liabilities of the member by whom he was nominated.
If ineligible only on grounds of age, such nominee may if s/he so wishes be granted all the rights and liabilities of membership of the deceased member, except the right to vote which right s/he may not have until s/he attains the age of 18 years
If the nominee does not wish to become a member s/he may be paid within 60 days all sums due to him as nominee.
>>>Download Next of Kin Nomination Form

In the event of the death of a member, the society, after satisfying itself and after obtaining such documentary proof of the death of a member as it may consider necessary, shall transfer to nominee(s) the value of the deceased member’s shares, deposits, interests and dividends after deducting such sums as may be due by the member to the Society as soon as possible. If for any reason on the death of a member a nominee does not exist, the society may pay money due to the deceased member to the personal representative or recognized heirs of the deceased member.

After paying the nominee(s) the value of the deceased member’s shares, deposits or interest, less any sums due by the latter to the society the nominee’s(s) obligations to the society shall be discharged.

Membership in the society shall cease with effect from the date of a member:
a. Dying
b. Being expelled from membership
c. Ceasing to hold the qualifications stated in By-laws
d. On the transfer of all shares held by him
e. Voluntary Withdrawal.
f. Becoming certifiably insane
g. Transfer of shares minimum shares
h. Being declared bankrupt in a court of law.
i. Ceasing to hold qualifications of members as stated in these by-laws
j. Losing the common bond as set out in these bylaws.

A member may resign or withdraw from the society by selling or transferring shares to another member or any eligible member. Any monies due to the member will be refunded after deducting any liabilities to the society as a borrower, guarantor, Endorser or otherwise.
A member who voluntarily withdraws from the society shall not be entitled to any money paid by him or shares if the society holds loans or deposits from non-members
Such member may re-apply for re-admission subject to the following conditions:
A member may be suspended from membership by the committee pending a final decision on expulsion by a members’ General Meeting who may reinstate or confirm the expulsion. A member may be expelled due to the following reasons:-

  • Any action adjudged to the prejudicial to the society and the spirit of co-operation
  • Repeated failure to pay any sum due to the society.

A member who withdraws or is expelled shall be repaid the following amounts after deductions of any debts, owed by him to the society as borrower, endorser, guarantor, or otherwise.

  • Any dividends or interest due to him on the date membership ceased
  • Any deposit or other sums held by the society on his behalf

The liability of the members of the society to meet any deficit in the event of liquidation is limited to the amount payable by them respectively, but unpaid on the date of liquidation in respect of any shares in the capital of the society held by them as at that date or allotted to them prior to that date.

The members present at a general meeting shall vote by secret ballot. No member shall vote or be voted by proxy. All members shall have one vote Irrespective of the number of shares Within 14 days after their elections, the names and address of all persons elected to office shall be forwarded to the Commissioner. Every committee member shall fill an indemnity form which shall be lodged with the commissioner within 14 days of his election to the committee.